AwesomeCast 651: Big Sonic Bada Boom in the Blue Sky

Episode 38460 · August 8th, 2023 · 58 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

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One issue with supersonic air travel is the sonic boom. This X plane is trying to minimize that We talked with one of the guys working on it at Aero Design! NASA's sci-fi-looking X-59 'quiet' supersonic jet roll out of the hangar

iOS 17 Updates to CarPlay sharing and Visual Voicemail Preview,that%20other%20people%20can%20scan

Open sourcing AudioCraft: Generative AI for audio made simple and available to all

Sorg has access to Beeper: an all in one messaging service (like Trillian!

Sorg is on Blue Sky and it feels like twitter! When no one was on yet .

GM’s Ultium-based EVs will be able to power your home by 2026

Premiere Pro has a transcript option

What is keeping some industries like banking and health to dig into AI?

Sorg just got an offer for the Whistle pet tracker.

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