Episode 226: WMS 181, August 18, 2009: Dead Studio Cricket

Episode 37665 · August 18th, 2009 · 2 hrs 17 mins

About this Episode

    <p>WMS 181 CricketA cricket is dead. So we do a show around him. Sorg and DJLunchbox hit the studio and hit you in the face with wrestling news and views as we are ballistic that our streets are not safe with Kurt Angle running around this town. Taz replaces Don West, Knockouts Division fails, but TNAâ??s ok?</p>

Then we talk with our MMA correspondant, Dawn Papuga about the epid Cyborg vs Corano fight for Strikeforce this past weekend and what it means for womenâ??s MMA in the future.

And finally, we talk about how the RAW GM situation is going and hype up for SummerSlam! (Fest?)

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