Fishing Without Bait 274: A Creative Path with David Pohl

Episode 36635 · December 29th, 2020 · 43 mins 51 secs

About this Episode

James Ellermeyer welcomes illustrator David Pohl to discuss his adventure into creativity, his current work as a collage artist, influences of Dr. Seuss and grandfather, cartoons and comic books, perceptions via Archie comics and Mad Magazine, when do children shed creativity, contending with doubters about his career choice, planting his feet finally in Pittsburgh, working with the Atlantic Monthly, a serious burn injury, juggling being a musician as an escape from his art and exploring meditation.

Stay tuned for the next episode as we talk with David about his time working on Mr Rogers Neighborhood!

David Pohl’s work can be found at  You can also follow David on Instagram at @house_of_pingting

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