ScareHouse Podcast 121: The Dent Schoolhouse with Bud and Aryn

Episode 2156 · July 30th, 2017 · 54 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

Creative Director Scott Simmons and Katie “Dudders” traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit Bud Stross and Aryn Fox from The Dent Schoolhouse. They chat about the legend of The Dent Schoolhouse, how they got their start in the haunted attraction industry, and the many hats they wear in and out of the haunt.

  • The podcast team travels to Cincinnati, Ohio, to visit The Dent Schoolhouse.
  • Aryn Fox is the makeup manager and Bud Stross is the co-owner along with his dad Chuck and friend Josh Wells.
  • Bud and Josh began their friendship over a puke barrel and started out as yard haunters.
  • Why “The Haunted House” is a bad name for a haunted house.
  • No one gets into the haunted house industry for the spreadsheets.
  • Aryn got her start as a haunter as a photographer at Midwest Haunters Convention.
  • How Aryn and Bud’s relationship began in The Dungeon in Baton Rouge.
  • What it’s like working with your significant other.
  • Marketing and content creation is on your mind year round.
  • How a Wolfe Brothers book inspired Aryn’s career in bodypainting.
  • Aryn talks about here experience on Skin Wars Season 2.
  • The good and bad of being on national haunted house lists.
  • Management roles at a haunted house constantly evolve as the business grows.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with a great team.
  • Grunging is a great workout.
  • The challenge of delivering an incredible experience for both first time customers and repeat visitors.
  • The value of reviews, even the bad ones.
  • New at The Dent Schoolhouse this season: Catacombs, clowns, and PTA Fun Festival.

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