ScareHouse Podcast 120: ScareHouse Actor 001 - Tracy Campbell

Episode 2133 · July 14th, 2017 · 45 mins 14 secs

About this Episode

Creative Director Scott Simmons and Katie “Dudders” chat with veteran actress Tracy Campbell. They discuss Scott and Tracy’s shared television news history, what it’s like to have your face all over ScareHouse marketing, and how props, hair, and music create great ScareHouse videos.

  • Tracy has been part of ScareHouse since 2007.
  • Tracy met Scott when they both worked at WPXI Channel 11 News.
  • ScareHouse isn’t the first haunted building that they have worked in.
  • WPXI’s (formerly WIIC) original building was home to Chiller Thriller and studio wrestling.
  • Tracy talks about the promo spot she appeared in that lived on long after she left the company.
  • Preparing for Y2K at the news studio.
  • How MySpace brought Tracy into the ScareHouse family as a goopey ghoul.
  • ScareHouse was one of the first companies in the area to shoot in HD.
  • Tracy discusses all the characters she has played since she started at ScareHouse including title character Delirium.
  • Creating her character Patti, last year’s The Basement rule giver and greeter, using her own personal experience.
  • Dudders and Tracy talk about working Turn Out the Lights in Pittsburgh Zombies and the creepy things that happened.
  • How Scott first confirmed that the building was haunted.
  • Last year was the second year that Tracy’s face appeared in all of marketing materials.
  • They discuss the unusual directions given and music choices for our shoots.
  • Dudders and Tracy talk about the New Kids on the Block concert they recently attended.
  • Creating content that sometimes doesn’t resonate with our audience, but amuses our team.
  • How props, hair, and music create great ScareHouse videos.
  • Tracy and Dudders reveal their favorite member of the New Kids on the Block.

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