ScareHouse Podcast 111: Over Caffeinated Chat with Rob Johnston About Social Media, Adapting, and Being Genuine with Your Audience

Episode 2004 · April 28th, 2017 · 56 mins 28 secs

About this Episode

Scott Simmons and Katie “Dudders” hang out on a loading dock in Pittsburgh’s Strip District with Rob Johnston to talk about social media and the importance of being genuine with your audience.


  • Rob, former ScareHouse Podcast host, reminisces about his favorite ScareHouse Podcast episodes
  • Discussing the rise and fall of Vine
  • Why Vine was such a great fit for Rob’s creative vision and how enjoyed the challenge
  • Using old school techniques and humor to engage with today’s audience
  • Rob’s one Vine that went horribly wrong
  • Having to let things go in order to grow
  • Rob talks about his most elaborate Vines and the clean up involved
  • The importance of using customer data and analyzing engagement in haunt building and social media content creation
  • Being relatable to your audience
  • Rob talks about his coffee dumping Vine that turned into a gif sensation
  • Trying to protect the content you’ve created in a social media world
  • Why the top 20 content creators of Vine were responsible for its downfall
  • What’s next for social media platforms
  • ScareHouse and Rob’s big payoffs for taking a chance and changing to anticipate where their audiences are going
  • Scott discusses The Simpsons and how they “got it” all those years ago
  • The importance of being honest and genuine with your audience

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