Wrestling Mayhem Show 912: Hockey Never Disappointed Me Like Wrestling

Episode 38666 · June 5th, 2024 · 1 hr 48 mins

About this Episode

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Sorg and the Orginal Rizz are joined by Special Guest: Meighan Nelson from Ryse Wrestling as we cover the latest AEW and WWE news and explore our dreamsa nd nightmares.

Meighan Nelson's Experiences:

Discussion about Meighan's work with various wrestling promotions including NWA Exodus.

Meighan's involvement in the wrestling scene as a fan and professional, including her interactions with fans and wrestlers.

Wrestling Anecdotes and Stories:

Humorous stories from live wrestling events, including encounters with fans and wrestlers.

Meighan recalls her interactions with wrestling personalities and shares behind-the-scenes stories.

News and Updates:

Discussion on Ethan Page's status with NXT and his upcoming bookings.

Speculations on Ethan Page's involvement in various wrestling promotions.

Updates on RWA and other local wrestling events.

Mention of Jordan Grace's appearance on NXT and her upcoming match against Stevie Turner.

Analysis of recent WWE and AEW storylines, including Dominic and Liv Morgan's relationship and Gable Steveson's storyline.

NWA and EC3:

Meighan provides insights into EC3's recent activities and his upcoming matches, including his title defense against Pretty Boy Smooth.

Discussion on the impact of EC3 bringing the NWA title to the Pittsburgh area.

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