A Gay & His Enby 105: A Boatload of BS

Episode 38644 · May 3rd, 2024 · 4 hrs 4 mins

About this Episode

This episode, Eamon & Merlin talk the newest episode of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard where couples weekends night begins with a freaky party and an explosive nightcap for Summer. Plus, a new episode of Vanderpump Villa where a new face in the Villa leads to Hannah somehow topping her toxic tactics. Then, they talk Vanderpump Rules where Scheana plays peacemaker on their San Francisco trip, despite all rhyme or reason. And finally, a new episode of The Valley where Brittany gets her date night, only for it to maybe be the beginning of the end of her marriage with Jax.

3:24 - Summer House: Martha's Vineyard: Season 02, Episode 06
59:39 - Vanderpump Villa: Season 01, Episode 07
1:41:09 - Vanderpump Rules: Season 11, Episode 14
2:49:10 - The Valley: Season 01, Episode 07

We are Eamon and Merlin, a queer married couple from Texas living in Pittsburgh, PA. We love reality television, wrestling, drag queens, and pretty much anything that can be called even kinda gay. A Gay & His Enby is a podcast where we talk about everything we love in terms of media and pop culture; everything thats gay and gay adjacent; basically all the conversations we have in our living room we are now putting in front of a microphone and on the internet for you.

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