AwesomeCast 660: Sustainability in Business with Kloopify

Episode 38504 · October 24th, 2023 · 58 mins 44 secs

About this Episode

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Chilla got PS5 and has been playing the NEW Spider-Man 2 game and good deals on games like Spiderman: Miles Morales. Enjoyed the PlayStation exclusive titles.

Dave went to the Palm Springs Air Museum - saw planes from WWII, Vietnam, Cold War. Could get in cockpits and see details up close. Located next to the Palm Springs airport.

Sorg uses to help create show notes and social media posts. Uploads transcript and asks for summaries, tags, questions answered, etc. Very useful for repetitive tasks.

Don't buy a new Mac this week - rumors of M3 chip MacBook Pros and iMacs being announced soon.

The Sphere in Las Vegas has cool 3D ads on the exterior from Xbox, PlayStation, NBA. Looks trippy.

Daniela Osio started Kloopify to help companies calculate sustainability impact in procurement and supply chain and map purchases to emissions data.

Adobe showed off wild e-ink dress that can change patterns and colors electronically. Could be used for high fashion or advertising.

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