Thrifty Podcast: Print Media Summer Party EXPLOSION

Episode 3496 · June 22nd, 2020 · 1 hr 34 mins

About this Episode

Secondhand Shopping for Worm People.

DJ LIL and Toddy discuss this year's Backyard Fun Zone + take a look at some old ass newpapers and magazines.

Games / Show Topics :

SOMETHING YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE - The panel shows off this week's thrift haul + spout trivia questions to the other party, based on the thrift haul. It's the meat and potatoes of THRIFTY. This Week : - Newspaper : Hidenburg Disaster, Apollo 11 Sets for Launch - Magazines : Onion Mega Issue + more

LISTENER THRIFT FINDS - Hop into the THRIFTY Discord to share your own personal finds and the panel talks about them on the show.

FREESTYLE - An array of comedy sketches, music, things recorded not on the podcast live, and everything else in between!

VINTAGE vs. MODERN - Comparing and contrasting the value of older items versus their modern counterpart.

Special thanks to :

BLUFFS for "Alternate Reality" and "Panic Sequence", the themes to our show for many reasons. (

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