BOLD Sports 108

Episode 3276 · December 23rd, 2019 · 2 hrs 18 mins

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Bold Sports Episode 108. The Stargell

Check Screen Shots for Numbers.

PGA Tour- The US win the Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne 16-14. Tiger was the Captian as well as a player an was in true tiger fashion dominate. The US Has only lost 1 Presidents cup and that was in 1998. This Match Play tournament is left for the top players in the world and some captians picks. This brings up talk of more Match Play style tournaments for the future.

All the Soccers -

NCAA- Bowl Season is appon us. Pull Schedule .

NCAA Basketball -

Pitt- 8-3 and 1-1. 5th in ACC, Pitt has 2 more Non Conference games left before the bulk for conference play starts. They recently had a comeback win over Northern IL.

WVU- 9-1 and 0-0 number one in Big 12 the Mountaineers had a few tough games coming upon after Christmas with OSU and Kansas but find themselves at #25 as of now.

PSU- 9-2 and 1-1 2nd in Big 10 PSU finds themselves at #23 with 2 games left before Conference play Begins.

ND- 8-3 and 0-2 and 12th in the ACC.

UNC- 6-4 and 1-15th in the ACC currently not a top 25 team with som tough Non Conference games left before ACC Play

Duke- 9-1 and 1-0 and first in ACC, #4 in Country with some pretty easy games left before ACC Play.

TOP 25- look up

Penguins- had a good win last night in Calgary with 2 more games on their western Cananada swing. Late Games are fun for us. The Pens after that will have a quick true Home N Home with Nashville. The Pens are 4th in the Division with lots to work on for the Injury stricken team. The team is going to have to get hit hear soon as we approach the end of the first half of the season.

Pull Standings of NHL

MLB- Good Offseson for Pitchers. Madison Bumgardner signs 88 mill deal with Arizona 4years. Keep an eye out for more moves coming this off season .

NFL- Pats are at it again, Playoff Pushs, Fantasy stuff.

Steelers- The Duck didn’t get his wings clipped after the Bills game. Discuss.