ScareHouse Podcast 135: Into the Dark Terror Vault in San Francisco

Episode 2993 · April 21st, 2019 · 1 hr 14 mins

About this Episode

  • Dudders catches up with former ScareHouse Director of Operations, Crystal Wright, at Transworld in St. Louis.
  • Into the Dark production company combines the theatrical and technical talents of David and Joshua.
  • Terror Vault is Into the Dark's first production and located in the old San Francisco mint.
  • Joshua's love of haunted houses began with the Morbid Manor in Ocean City.
  • Crystal tells us what it's like being away from haunted houses for a year and discovering Terror Vault in her new neighborhood.
  • Returning haunt actors are very important. They can help teach new actors about how to pace themselves. Newbies often underestimate how exhausting haunt acting is.
  • Preparing for a haunt season is a yearround job.
  • "Normal" employers don't always appreciate all of work you do at haunted houses.
  • Why it's a great idea to add a behind the scenes tour to your haunted attraction.
  • Joshua and David worked to put everything they loved into the show.
  • The cool thing about having a haunted attraction in an old building.
  • Talking "yinzer".
  • Some of the differences between east coast and west coast haunted attractions.
  • Using unique characteristics of your location in your show.
  • Even haunters get scared sometimes.
  • Crystal and Dudders have cleaned up their share of customer tinkle.
  • Kids and haunted houses.
  • "Wearing many wigs" is a much better saying than "wearing many hats".
  • Adjusting your show for groups that may have unique needs.
  • Crystal's experience of working in The Basement at ScareHouse.
  • Terror Vault is a predominately queer haunted attraction.
  • How the genre of horror is shifting from a straight white male dominated world.
  • Working to make everyone feel welcome.
  • ScareHouse and Pittsburgh's pride parade.
  • The need for diversity training in the haunted attraction industry.
  • Why representation at a haunted attraction is important.

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