THRIFTY: Hitman and The Puppets

Episode 2932 · March 11th, 2019 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

"W"elcome to another chapter of my Audio Thrifting Diary.

Brian Howe aka SIKES went thrifting with freaking THRIFTY podcast. You know SIKES from so many SIKES things:

This Week's Thrifty Finds / Discussion Topics :

  • WWF Bret Hart Foam Heart (1994)
  • 2 Puppets : One worth more than you'd probably think.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Wars : Sure, we sort of like that stuff.

Comparing and contrasting the value of older items versus their modern counterpart.

  • Bread Makers, Axes, more!

Special thanks to :
BLUFFS for "Alternate Reality", the theme to our show for many reasons

Tell us about your thrift hauls at [email protected]

I'm sentimentally attached to things you've forgotten, it's time to get THRIFTY!

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