ScareHouse Podcast 134: Design Manager Nicole & Operations Manager Nino Discuss Spreadsheets & Show Flow

Episode 2887 · February 8th, 2019 · 30 mins 55 secs

About this Episode

Dudders sits down with her haunt siblings, Design Manager Nicole and Operations Manager Nino, to discuss spreadsheets, show flow documents, misconceptions of working at a haunted house, and more spreadsheets.


  • Surprisinging your friends with a podcast.
  • We answer every haunters’ favorite question, “you’re working on things already?”
  • Spreadsheets are a haunters BFF. Thank you, Google Drive!
  • Nino and Nicole have very different opinions on color choice in spreadsheets.
  • Nino and Nicole outline our showflow documents. We adapted something we learned from Universal Studios.
  • Our show flow documents break down the attractions into room details including the narrative, actions, scenic, tech, sounds, and smell.
  • Tech talk with Nino.
  • You can never have enough reference photos. Nicole talks about her favorite kinds of decay.
  • Our leadership team is kind of like the Avengers with our own special powers and skills.
  • Are we still using skills we learned in high school? Kinda.
  • The misconceptions of working at a haunted house from acting to management.
  • Getting your build body back.
  • No time for sleeping, laundry, and showers during the build season.
  • Most times your coworkers don’t know you’re wearing the same pants several days in a room.
  • Forming sibling-like relationships with your coworkers.
  • Leaving work blankets and layers at the haunt because it’s so darn cold.

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