THRIFTY: Monster Theatre - Knife Play Edition

Episode 2878 · February 4th, 2019 · 52 mins 53 secs

About this Episode

"W"elcome to another chapter of my Audio Thrifting Diary.

Josh and I are back on our BS following the live show. We've got monster poems to read and big gay knives for all the folks in the back.

This Week's Thrifty Finds / Discussion Topics :

  • X-Rated Novelty Toy (NMC Products, 1997)
  • Coca Cola Ice Cream Parlor Clock (Horlodge, late 80s)
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Lamp (P&K Products, 1992)
  • Arming the Gay Community with Rainbow Knives
  • Texting in regards to Nudes
  • Our Monsters get poems written about them.

Comparing and contrasting the value of older items versus their modern counterpart.

  • Knives, Soccer Balls, even more stuff

Special thanks to :
BLUFFS for "Alternate Reality", the theme to our show for many reasons

Tell us about your thrift hauls at [email protected]

I'm sentimentally attached to things you've forgotten, it's time to get THRIFTY!

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