AwesomeCast 430: Pyramid Scheming Myself

Episode 2872 · January 30th, 2019 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

This week’s episode brought to you by Comic Book Pitt, Slice on Broadway, and Alex Kahrs Design & Media!

Katie, Chilla, and Sorg are back in studio joined by John Carman this week to run down the tech news you should know about, including:

  • Chilla is sharing TiVO's CommercialSkip and the way they're working it for the Super Bowl as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Katie is filming birds (instead of flipping them) with the Bird Photo Booth as her Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Sorg's Awesome Thing of the Week is iCloud files + Apple Clips + iMovie for quick social media edits of some video content - including Episode 429's Pornhub discussion.
  • Apple is reportedly working on a subscription gaming service.
  • Were you a fan of Farmville back in the day? There's good news. Competitive virtual farming is getting its own esports league!
  • After the last episode, Carman apparently found a different Fyre TV that is most definitely not related to Fyre Festival. [NOTE: Link NSFW]
  • Facebook has been paying teens $20 a month to access their phones?
  • Having trouble with Facebook generating the wrong image for your link? There's a fix for it. Katie is sharing what she recently learned.
  • We're sharing some thoughts on the FaceTime bug.
  • Someone is trying to recreate Legend of Zelda in DOOM, and needs a hand.
  • Amazon has a cute little robot that helps with deliveries.
  • Netflix may have raised prices, but Hulu is lowering its basic service price.
  • Looking for a way to smoke without being detected? Philter is offering a filter to eliminate smoke and smell.
  • Innovation at a slow walking pace.

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