THRIFTY: The Cosmic Center

Episode 2837 · December 24th, 2018 · 54 mins 25 secs

About this Episode

"W"elcome to another chapter of my Thrifting Audio Diary.

Josh and I attempted to reach into ourselves to deliver top level podcast content. That and we had a thrift haul that took us down several journeys.

This Week's Thrifty Finds / Discussion Topics :

  • Vintage Black Windbreaker with matching pants. (Nike, 1990s)
  • Viking Battle Troll (Hasbro, 1992-1993)
  • Earl Sinclair, from "The Dinosaurs" Action Figure (1991-1994)
  • Lion King Comforter (1996)
  • Goofy the Disney Character, raising Josh.

Hear second hand stories from all around the world.
Outside of New York a man attempts to buy a car second hand and finds a surprise in the trunk.

What impressive pieces went up for sale, quietly.
Everything is trending, since it's the holidays.
Classic Disney Cartoon VHS

Special thanks to :
BLUFFS for "Alternate Reality", the theme to our show for many reasons

Tell us about your thrift hauls at

I'm sentimentally attached to things you've forgotten, it's time to get THRIFTY!

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