THRIFTY: The Episode We Drink Poison In

Episode 2760 · October 22nd, 2018 · 55 mins 34 secs

About this Episode

Welcome to another chapter of my Thrifting Audio Diary.

This Week's Thrifty Finds / Discussion Topics :

  • Ghostbusters Frankenstein Action Figure (Kenner, 1999)
  • Masters of the Universe (He-Man) Moss Man Figure (1985, Mattel)
  • A bucket of assorted Wrestlers (LJN, WCW, WWF)
  • A truly random DIY pink styrofoam ghost.
  • Swamp Thing & Abby Arcane's Relationship.
  • We drink 13 year old I.C. Light Beer we found at the Goodwill Outlet.

Hear second hand stories from all around the world.
A young man works at a thrift store with a very older spooky man. What do his dreams mean?

What impressive pieces went up for sale, quietly.
Four fake blood companies are set to devour one another.

Special thanks to :
Swampwalk for "Big Bro", the theme to our show for many reasons.

Tell us about your thrift hauls at [email protected]

I'm sentimentally attached to things you've forgotten, it's time to get THRIFTY!

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