BOLD Sports: Episode 18

Episode 2386 · January 12th, 2018 · 1 hr 34 mins

About this Episode

The show had a nice retweet this week thanks to Adam Schefter! Otherwise, we're looking at the playoff picture. The boys are still running with their fantasy football bookings, and Steve is taking a bit of a lead in Week 1. But, college football is also an important thing. The guys talk about the National Championship game and the state of college football as a whole. From there conversation shifts to some NCAA hoops action. Matt and Steve touch on some of the big names from the week, including some hometown updates from Pitt, Pitt Ladies, an Duquesne. This week's Penguins updates are better than they've been. For starters, it's back-to-back wins for the first time in over a month. Matt and Steve otherwise take a look at where the Penguins are in the big picture, and break out who their team leaders are before shifting to the NFL playoffs. The Steelers are taking on Jacksonville (or Jags-on-ville as they boys like to call them). They're giving some thoughts on keys to win. If you're looking to get tickets, Matt and Steve also do a quick breakdown of ticket prices.

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