BOLD Sports: Episode 16

Episode 2375 · December 30th, 2017 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

Matt and Steve start this week's episode as they do - with their fantasy football standings. They've been running neck-and-neck all season. This week they're tied up on their weekly picks with a 1-point difference on their season standings as they're headed into the fantasy championships! In other news, it's Christmastime! But, apparently not for the Penguins. The boys bring us up to speed on their recent losing streak. Thankfully it's a long season and we have some time to correct the early follies. As for NCAA news, we're into the basketball conference season! Matt and Steve share some thoughts on that - as well as the start of NCAA hockey season. We saved the best conversation for last as the boys dive into NFL news. At the top of the segment? James ****ing Harrison. There are certainly thoughts on his move to New England. As far as actual Steelers gameplay, the team showed a lot of promise on their Christmas Day outing with plays by Bryant, Bell and JuJu. Matt and Steve head out of their Steelers wrap up with an overview of their thoughts for the playoff picture.

As they do, the guys wrap up this week's show with some BOLD predictions about NFL - Week 17.

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