ScareHouse Podcast 116: Throwback to Jerry from Creepy Collection at 2015 Midwest Haunters Convention

Episode 2075 · June 5th, 2017 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

Throwing it back to the 2015 Midwest Haunters Convention. Our former Director of Operations Crystal caught up with Jerry Dalessandro from Creepy Collection on the show floor.

  • Looking for zombies? Clowns? Demon dolls?  We got a guy.
  • Brooklyn born artist, entrepreneur, and hustler (compliment) Jerry Dalessandro joins ScareHouse Director of Operations Crystal Rupp to talk about Creepy Collection.
  • Recorded at the Midwest Haunters Convention 2015.
  • Creepy Collection's ever growing army of zombies, dolls, demons, clowns, and other nightmare props fill the halls of ScareHouse and other haunted attractions all over the world.
  • Their work has also have been in the horror movies Sibling and The Hole and On The Lot (reality show By Steven Spielberg.



For more information about Creepy Collection:

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