ScareHouse Podcast 113: 3 Rivers Comicon With Todd and Jon from New Dimension Comics

Episode 2035 · May 15th, 2017 · 48 mins 8 secs

About this Episode

Creative Director Scott Simmons catches up with Todd McDevitt and Jon Engel from New Dimensions Comics at Rock Bottom to chat about the comic book industry, pushing your ventures, and 3 Rivers Comicon.

  • Scott asks Jon and Todd when and how they first got into comic books
  • Jon talks about how Magic the Gathering was the gateway to comic book collecting and his current job
  • Todd has been collecting comic books for 31 years and has over two million comic books
  • Jon and Todd discuss how the comic book industry has changed
  • Movies have changed comic books and comic books have changed movies
  • Comic books offer comic book movie lovers background stories and spinoffs
  • Comic book movies don’t always follow the comic books and comic book stores can help bridge the gap
  • Want to get (back) into comic books? Each New Dimension Comics location has a recommended reading rack to help you get started
  • Difficulty of picking what to carry in the stores
  • Late 1950s horror comic books were regulated by the government
  • As content creators age, their industries are becoming adult
  • Todd talks about being an entrepreneur and trying to see how far he can push each venture
  • Info about 3 Rivers Comicon: Special guests, tons of artists and vendors, gaming, and comic book authentication
  • Supporting the comic book community and looking at their stores as clubhouses that are judgement free zones
  • What is an alpha nerd

3 Rivers Comicon, the convention that is putting the Comic Book back into Comicon, is May 20th-21st at Century III Mall. All ages are welcome. With 100+ creators and vendors, 3 Rivers Comicon offers tons of fun for all the nerds in the Burgh.

For more information and purchase tickets visit

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Are you a comic book fan? Check out one of New Dimension Comics six locations!

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