ScareHouse Podcast 112: Macabre Noir, Aaron Doctor Morose, and The Mad Muse Lori Howsare Discuss Wearing Your Weird on the Outside and Atrocity Exhibition IX

Episode 2022 · May 7th, 2017 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

The award winning Atrocity Exhibition’s ninth performance will take you to hell. Katie “Dudders” caught up with Macabre Noir, Aaron Doctor Morose, and Lori Howsare “The Mad Muse” at Atrocity’s command center, aka Macabre’s living room. They talk about the creative process, theater theory, and Atrocity Exhibition IX: Inferno.

  • Lori credits her theater education and experience for her ability to be such a successful stage manager
  • Macabre and Aaron Doctor Morose discuss how the Atrocity Exhibition grew and matured with each new member that joined the family
  • Through increased expectations from the audience and crew, the performance gets bigger and better every year
  • Using technology to keep yourself on track
  • Why “no pants and fire everywhere” would be an excellent tagline for Atrocity
  • The creative process and how it’s enjoyable torture as opposed to pointy stick torture
  • Lori discusses turning people back onto literature with her Literary Brothel, where you leave reality, enter a sacred space, and hear good stories
  • Realizing that your own true story is a good story
  • How theater helps promote empathy
  • What is weird to you is someone else’s normal
  • Lori explains how Atrocity is an example of theatre of cruelty, an academic theory of theatre. Cruelty is not violence; it is the ability to use visions that you’re not usually subjected to reach into the repressed, dark area of the human mind. It is an assault on the senses that heightens your emotions.
  • Wearing your weird on the outside
  • How Atrocity Exhibition creates a space for everyone
  • 35 minute mark begins the conversation about Atrocity Exhibition IX: Inferno
  • The importance of putting together artists that genuinely love their craft and trust each other to make something exciting
  • Shout out to Zeke’s Coffee for creating the Atrocious Paradiso brew and providing coffee and snacks for the Atrocity Exhibition crew
  • They appreciate everyone that donates to the Kickstarter. It helps the show grow every year

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