BOLD Nights Out - Episode 45

Episode 2012 · May 3rd, 2017 · 1 hr 34 secs

About this Episode

Amanda and Steve check out 2 Brothers BBQ. As far as where to drink this week, nothing beats heading to friends' houses and hitting up some classic backyard BBQ and fire pits. Want to know where to be seen this weekend? Amanda and Steve are checking out Wigle Whiskey's 5-year anniversary events and the grand opening of the Tap Room and the Barrelhouse opening and malt release. Be sure to check out Death of a Salesman at the Pittsburgh Public Theater, Multiple Choice and the Cultural Trust, the Entice One Fashion Show, Millvale Music Festival, MAKEnight at the Children's Museum (with a May the 4th theme), Neighborhood Flea Market - Mother's Day Edition, Urban Hike, and Cinco de Mayo. As always, Amanda and Steve wrap the show with their segment He Said/She Said talking about sex moves: who should or does make the first move in relationships, and friends: mutual versus individual and same versus opposite sex, married/partnered versus single.

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