ScareHouse Podcast 110: Exploring the Pittsburgh Burlesque Scene with Boom Boom Bridgette, Moon, & Thea Biss

Episode 1991 · April 21st, 2017 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

Katie “Dudders” sits down with Pittsburgh Burlesque performers and members of the ScareHouse family, Boom Boom Bridgette, Moon, and Thea Biss. The ladies discuss Pittsburgh’s current burlesque scene, what attracted them to performing, and how burlesque is all about loving yourself and your body.


  • A discussion about the various styles of burlesque
  • Creating a stage name
  • Why it’s dangerous to kick off your shoes during a performance
  • Moon tells us about the time she drop kicked a Serta sheep into the audience
  • Burlesque is for every body
  • How people are like cheesecake and why you should try more than one piece
  • Using what makes you different and unique to make you a better performer
  • Importance of seeking out supportive people. If you haven’t found them yet, keep looking. They’re out there.

Boom Boom Bridgette is the seasoned veteran who has been performing since 2011. She is also a producer, Founder of Pin Up Perfection Productions, and owner of Boom Boom Bang Photography. She was the Master of Tassels 2014 and 2016 and International Master of Tassels first runner up 2016.

Moon’s love of the raver scene inspired her to develop her hula-hooping skills. She is also a dancer, contortionist, and fire eater. She was crowned 2016 Pittsburgh Pride Femme Fatale.

Thea Biss, the kitten of the group, is incredibly upbeat, eager learner, and avid burlesque researcher. Her background is in acting and spoken word poetry. Supportive women such as Bridgette inspired her to take the stage.

For more information about Boom Boom Bridgette, Moon, and Thea Biss’ upcoming shows visit:

May 5 - Revenge of the 5th - Glitter Box Theater

May 19 - Newbies and Bewbies - Hambones

May 26 - 2017 Cupcake Pageant - Hambones

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