Wrestling Mayhem Show 565: Drew McIntyre Does Not a Nakamura Make

Episode 1962 · April 5th, 2017 · 1 hr 35 mins

About this Episode

It's the return of the WMS prodigal son! That's right, Eamon returns to the show. Sorg, Mad Mike, Larry, and Chad the Shad are joined by Eamon just off the heels of Wrestlemania weekend for Wrestling Mayhem Show 565. Of course, we talked what’s happening in the world of wrestling this week, including:

It apparently takes Wrestlemania to bring Eamon back to the show!
We've managed to pull Eamon away from his regularly scheduled Dungeons and Dragons.
Guys. We're talking Wrestlemania, and other stuff in wrestling this week.
This could be Sorg's favorite Wrestlemania - top to bottom, a great show (minus the non-wrestling stuff).
We're a little split - did you feel Wrestlemania ran long? Or did it keep you interested so you didn't notice?
Sharing some thoughts that Smackdown Live matches tonight were more like Wrestlemania matches.
Some thoughts that the John Cena match at Wrestlemania fell a little flat for what a Cena match could have been?
How many of us thought John Cena wrestled with a ring in his pocket?
The Wrestlemania win with Nikki Bella and John Cena was a contractual obligation for Cena's house rules.
The real MVP of Wrestlemania was the security guard who tried to stop Gronk.
Gronk may have been too hype for Wrestlemania.
The Battle Royal at Wrestlemania felt like a legit battle royal match.
3MB v Sanity at NXT Takeover Brooklyn. We're calling it now.
Shout out to Billy Johnson and the great studio decor.
AJ Styles' shampoo commercial spot at Wrestlemania was as good as the match itself.
Of course, we need to talk about NXT Takeover!
Speaking of NXT - we're talking about the talent upgrades to RAW and Smackdown.
Our crew has some mixed thoughts on the NXT and TNA shakeups.
Larry is upset that the Shinsuke Nakamura Smackdown Live spot wasn't Nakamura mistaking The Miz for Cena.
Post-Wrestlemania has been as amazing as Wrestlemania. We're sharing some thought.
Speaking of The Hardys coming back to WWE, they WILL be at IWC this weekend!
We're trying to figure out how to work a New Day "Hoooo" chant into a "Fuck That Owl" chant.
Cesaro is great on his own, but he's also amazing as a tagteam partner.
Guys, Emma FINALLY returned - just as awesome as she was in NXT.
Emmalina = Lana's Instagram posts without Rusev reading Harry Potter in the background.
Thanks to Vaughn Johnson for bringing up the discussion of how the roster shakeup will address titles.
Kurt Angle. On RAW. Sign us up!
All of the stereotype biker comments are coming out about Triple H and Stephanie.
Wrestlemania entrances...we're sharing thoughts.
It's time for the Big Question: What trade would you make in the WWE roster shakeup?
We're talking about some of the great Hall of Fame moments.
There are mixed feelings about Kurt Angle's Hall of Fame speech.
Secondary Big Question: What was the biggest WTF Hall of Fame moment?
What did YOU learn in wrestling this week?
Shout out to JaXon Argos and his amazing sign placement during John Cena and Nikki Bella proposal spot!
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