Wrestling Mayhem Show 282: Stoke Monkey Championship

Episode 165 · August 9th, 2011 · 1 hr 59 mins

About this Episode

Mad Mike, Chachi, DJLunchbox, Hotwheelz, and Sorg are joined IN THE STUDIO by The Wrestlefan! He's visited us from Texas and has been hanging in Pittsburgh and attended the big PWO Wrestlution 4 in Cleveland! We talk about TNA's Hardcore Justice, which wasn't all that hardcore, the recent WWE cuts of Chris Masters and company, Punk and Cena, how hard it is to podcast, and the return of Stoke Monkey??? Maybe.

We are also joined by Andrew Lazarchik of Wildcat Championship Belts to talk about his business, and the scores of belts he's done over the years, including the recent Internet Championship on Zack Ryder's Youtube channel, WWE's US Championship, and the most recent TNA World Heavyweight belt! We talk about the most complicated belt he's done, faves, what he likes out there, and more belt knowledge than you ever thought you wanted to know!

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